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09 The evolution of socks Knitted sneakers lead the trend!

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The evolution of socks? Knitted sneakers lead the trend!

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Knitted sneakers are a popular trend in today's fashion. This sneaker has been recognized by young avant-garde customers and fashion designer fans. Last year, the Colette concept store just established in Paris became the biggest hot topic. Within a few weeks, this store finally succeeded in being among the luxury goods camp.

Opportunity comes from knitted sneakers. The popularity of this kind of sports shoes is not directly related to the style. In fact, it is brought by Adidas Orginals, Pharrell Williams and Chanel carefully selected limited edition cooperative luxury products. Brand effect. Among them, the Hu NMD special edition sells for up to 1,000 Euros, and is limited to 500 pairs. And the first pair of the special edition was taken by the superstar Justin Timberblake (Justin Timberlake).

At the same time, on online platforms such as Ebay, the resale transaction price of this product reached $35,000. This phenomenon clearly reflects that the status of sports shoes is currently showing a significant upward trend. It is definitely not an accident that creative manufacturers choose knitted uppers instead of vintage leather styling. In fact, this material does not have too many bright spots. And the rise of many fashion trends is just like the inspiration from streetwear-need to expand the influence through catwalks and luxury brands.

However, Chanel is not the first designer brand to develop socks styles. As a fashion pioneer, especially Balenciaga (Balenciaga), a fashion brand that has long been built by Demna Gvasalia (Damna Gvasalia) into a celebrity darling and has received wide attention from news and publicity, it is leading the heavy design style Triple S In addition to the style, it also triggered the models' pursuit of the socks style-Speed ??Trainer.

Fendi has also made a large-scale investment in this area. They abandoned the reuse of fur and instead focused on the design concept. Based on this, Fendi created a bold and colorful style image. Their sock sneakers have luminous soles, and their long knit shoes have knitted text, stripes and colored areas.

There is no doubt that the major sports companies will play the most powerful trend driving force. Now, the silhouette design of the future style is an important sign of the recent fashion trend of retro style. At present, Adidas' sales of new sports shoes have achieved a clear advantage.

Knitted styles are currently one of the most dynamic product line combinations among many suppliers, and the pace of innovation in this area by suppliers has not stopped. Only those brands that have completed their self-positioning in this field in the early stage and "own" the right to speak in this area can have the opportunity to control this huge opportunity. For example, Adidas Orignals recently expanded its product range of ventilated lightweight sports shoes, and released sports shoes with Gore-tex functional styles-even in the dark and humid season, it can bring customers a soft foot feel .


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