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04 How to match such beautiful knitted shoes to be more fashionable

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How to match such beautiful knitted shoes to be more fashionable?

Flat knitted shoestend to be sporty and casual, so they are more suitable when paired with pants. The high-heeled knitted shoes will weaken some sports styles, and are more suitable for matching with skirts, which will look fashionable and feminine.

LOOK1: Flat knitted shoes + small black pants

The most suitable trousers for girls with thin legs in winter are small black trousers. Wearing a pair of tight black trousers on the body is really too thin. Wearing a pair of black knitted shoes with small black pants will have the effect of extending leg length. Flat knitted shoes are comfortable and warm to wear, so you don't have to be afraid of tired feet even when you wear them.

Flat knitted shoes can be said to have the convenience of sports shoes and the fashion of short boots. They are not tiring to wear and fashionable. If you wear a pair of knitted shoes, you will never want to wear big cotton boots. If you want a more fashionable overall match, you can also wear a pair of brightly colored shoes to make your feet more shining.

LOOK2: Flat knitted shoes + jeans

Since flat knit shoes have a casual and fashionable style, they are the best match with jeans. Girls with thin legs can wear tight jeans, while girls with thick legs wear straight or tapered pants, which will make their legs not so thick. The combination of blue jeans and black knitted shoes will make you look younger and more energetic.

LOOK3: Flat knitted shoes + overalls

Unisex style overalls look a bit like sports pants. This type of pants is especially popular this year. It does not pick the leg shape, but can also modify the leg shape very well. Combine overalls and flat knitted shoes. This style is very suitable for girls who usually wear sports-style clothes.

LOOK4: High-heeled knitted shoes + skirt

High-heeled knit shoes are like sock boots in appearance. The surface of the boots is knitted material, so it will be very comfortable to wear. It wraps the ankle tightly and is especially warm. The thick-heeled knitted shoes are more stable and atmospheric, while the fine-heeled knitted shoes are more feminine. The best combination of high-heeled knitted shoes is a variety of skirts. A low girl chooses a short skirt or a long skirt with slits to match it. A tall girl must wear all kinds of long skirts. It looks fashionable and shows good temperament.

This year's big cotton boots are outdated. Fashionable people are wearing particularly popular "knitted shoes". They are fashionable, warm and comfortable to wear. Have you seen such shoes?


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