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13 What is flying shoes

wallpapers Industry 2020-11-06

What is flying shoes

Flying fabric is just a concept.

The so-called flying knitting is actually the vamp woven by a computerized flat knitting machine. Many people may not understand it.

Let me talk about the background first. Everyone knows sweaters.

I believe they all pass through. In the past, sweaters were knitted manually with stick needles one by one. Later, it was developed to increase the efficiency by using a hand-cranked machine (which still requires manual participation in the whole process). Later, it evolved to use a computerized flat knitting machine (fully automatic) to knit directly. Improved efficiency.

After the improvement and development of yarn, it was found that the machine for knitting sweaters can also knit the upper part. So a large number of computerized flat knitting machine manufacturers developed machines for knitting shoe uppers.

Because this is an emerging technology for shoe uppers, new technologies must have new definitions, and Feizhi came out. Disadvantages of flying knit shoes: Because the middle section of the shoe body is too thin, it becomes a pair of actual combat shoes without upper support. Although some golfers who do not have much change of direction will not notice this, some of them run more and Players who have more horizontal positions will find that wearing this kind of shoes will require more strength to stabilize their feet when moving horizontally.


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