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What kind of bearing can work in water?

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What kind of bearing can work in water?
Sliding bearings can work in water. Sliding bearings RCB750 solid inlaid bearings are a new product that inlaid solid lubricants on a high strength brass or tin bronze substrate. It breaks through the general bearing depends on the oil film lubrication boundary. Suitable for use under high temperature, high load, corrosion resistance or non-oiling conditions. Its hardness is higher than ordinary copper sleeve one times, wear resistance is also one times. At present, it is widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines, injection molding machines, fireplace return doors, flood furnace raceway, light industrial machinery, machine tools and equipment production lines. He has the following advantages: 1.It can operate completely without oil. 2.Can work in the most extreme temperatures, over 1200 degrees Celsius, well below freezing conditions 
3.Maintain good lubricity and structural integrity in all environmental conditions
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