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01 Knitted shoes, your second pair of socks

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Knitted Shoes, Your Ssecond Pair Of Socks

In the past two years, weaving this new upper technology has quietly emerged, occupying the main shoes of major brands in a short time. Due to its technical advantages, the woven upper has very good air permeability. It is perfect as a summer shoe, and it has even become a standard item on the street. Maybe you are wearing woven shoes now.

The invention of knitted shoe uppers is indeed a milestone in the history of shoe uppers. In 2012, NIKE launched the Flyknit concept for the first time, and then ADIDAS and PUMA also used Primeknit and Proknit uppers into their respective products. Let us take an inventory of those knit shoes with great comfort.

The Flyknit concept uses polyester yarn to woven into a piece of cloth, and this piece of cloth will completely cover the upper. This material is a good solution to the air-impermeable characteristics of sports shoes. On the basis of good elasticity and durability, the upper can fit the foot more, so that people can control the shoes.

Flyknit makes shoes with the concept of "one-line weaving". Line-made shoes not only liberate the feet (referring to the wrapping of the feet by the cut fabric), lightness and breathability are the original intention of Flyknit, and the most important thing is the first line. Knitting is more environmentally friendly (reduce the loss of pieces).

This revolutionary technology has attracted much attention since its birth. Some people think that Nike is showing off its skills, and some think that it is just an advanced version of Flywire. However, since its birth, many models have been derived, from the first running shoes to the present Flyknit technology is used in all of our basketball shoes and football shoes, and we have no doubt about it.

The first pair of Flyknit shoes, as a "facade" debut. Nike, which started as a runner, naturally applied the most advanced technology to running shoes. The choice of woven shoe uppers is very attractive in terms of foot feel and aesthetics. It allows the feet to achieve the best breathability and comfort when wearing thin socks or even when not wearing socks. The bright color matching can be more popular in daily wear.

A major feature of Nike Free is its lightness. This is of course no exception. Please don't send me an empty shoe box! ! Of course, the feeling on the feet is also very light. This is the barefoot concept that the Free series has always upheld. Lightness does not explain the characteristics of a pair of running shoes. The fit of Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit on the ankle strap is really a very wonderful wearing experience, thanks to the upgraded and innovative Flyknit technology again, the texture is stronger.

Adidas first used Primeknit technology on their running shoes that came out in 2012. Sports shoes are usually composed of different parts, and Primeknit's method is to use digital technology to weave a one-piece upper. Using the latest design tools with seamless engineering technology, Adidas created their first running shoe of its kind, adizero primeknit.

The so-called Primeknit is Adidas' upper processing technology. Through seamless connection, the upper can be woven into the whole upper part, completely discarding the original lining support frame, relying on the upper itself to provide flexibility and support. The combination of hot melt technology and flying wire. Primeknit integrated weaving technology brings excellent wrapping while giving the feet the best breathability and comfort.

Primeknit is made by knitting hot melt yarn, which allows Adidas to precisely adjust the flexibility and support required by each part of the shoe, thereby making the shoe lighter, more comfortable, more seamless, and less raw material. Also reduces waste generation.

This pair of NMD uses Primeknit breathable knitted material to form the upper, and is equipped with a Boost outsole. The front and rear stable blocks are presented in the same color. The sock-style shoe body is composed of black and white Primeknit materials with contrasting color lines, and the blue and red lines are integrated into the woven pull ring on the heel. The use of color matching also makes people associate with the OG version of the first year.

This Tubular Nova Primeknit is made of Primeknit material to make the shoe body, which greatly improves the comfort of the initial version. At the same time, it adopts the popular sock-like design and the classic patterned outsole to bring a unique trendy charm.

The new technology "Proknit" can not help but associate Nike Flyknit and adidas Primeknit with them. They have no essential difference, they all have good air permeability and a sense of wrapping. PUMA's own knitted fabric Proknit, due to the use of different weaving methods, the weaving density of each part of the upper is different. For example, the toe cap is more densely woven, and the sides are relatively loose to increase air permeability.

The entire pair of Puma Ignite EvoKNIT shoes are avant-garde and uniquely tailored. The "Evoknit" knitted material extends from the upper to the ankle to form a high-top sock device. Seamless hot melt technology is applied to the side of the shoe to make it more comfortable and soft. The strap design on the side of the shoe and the gradual cut midsole give people a visual impact.

The shoe model is based on the classic model Blaze of Glory, adding the innovative technology evoKNIT to make a modern deconstruction and transformation, bringing this brand new shoe deconstruction. The new color schemes are all based on a solid color woven shoe body, supplemented by a socks upper. , Firmly attached to the wearer's ankles, and finally matched with solid color Ignite cushioning technology to provide a comfortable foot feel.


Flyknit: ★★★★★

Primeknit: ★★★★★

Proknit: ★★★★

Air permeability:

Flyknit: ★★★★★

Primeknit: ★★★★

Proknit: ★★★★★


Flyknit: ★★★★

Primeknit: ★★★★★

Proknit: ★★★★

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