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26 One-piece flying woven upper, TPU solid support, this retro sneaker trend has accent

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One-piece flying woven upper, TPU solid support, this retro sneaker trend has accent

In the rapid changes in the market, consumers' definition of fashion is becoming more and more blurred. Traditional retro sports shoes still have available fashion elements. Combined with modern technology and technology, a shoe that consumers like is designed. Fortunately, you can experience a vintage flying knit sneaker and try its experience.

The packaging box is similar to an ordinary shoe box, without any fancy heads, and the brand name "gts+" of this sneaker is on the front. Its main design features are: integrated flying weaving, light and comfortable, cool experience and retro trend.

In other words, retro is the trend of the past and the present. It is also a good memory of a generation. It is also an indispensable trend of fashion. Old designs can always awaken people's good memories of the past and yearning for the future. The color and line of this retro flying shoeshave a good tension.

The one-piece fly-knit is now more mature and production technology, light and breathable one-piece fly-knit upper, using a single-layer double-sided weaving method, the inner layer is more delicate and soft than the traditional plain weave mesh, skin-friendly and fit .

The outer layer is designed with high-density vents, which eliminates the sultry feeling of your feet, and allows your feet to breathe fully even in the hot summer. There are 4 colors of shoes: blue, green, black and white. This blue is more youthful and fashionable.

In order to improve the protection of the ankle, the support surface of TPU material is added on both sides of the sports shoes, which can stabilize the position of the foot in the shoe cavity and avoid left and right deviation. On the one hand, perforating the support surface is to reduce the weight of the shoe, on the other hand, it can also enrich its style and texture.

The most annoying thing about wearing shoes is to tie the shoelaces. This shoe adopts a sock-style design with a sock-style elastic wrap, giving the ankle a fit feeling like wearing a socks, and its tongueless design reduces the time when putting on and taking off. The action steps can be easily lifted, easy to put on and take off, no need to tie shoelaces.

A major disadvantage of mesh-designed sports shoes is that they have almost no rain resistance, and they tend to get wet when it rains. The gts retro shoes have a wrap-around design from the toe and heel, which can effectively prevent splashing. It can also reduce the chance of wet shoes in rainy days. It can also prevent ankle injuries and is not easy to deform.

In the shoelace design, in order to facilitate the strapping, a buckle-type design is adopted. The elastic non-tying shoelace can freely adjust the tightness of the shoe, which is convenient to put on and take off.

In order to increase shock absorption and softness, and make it more comfortable during exercise, breathable insoles are used. The insoles are also relatively thick, which can effectively remove moisture, but also resist sweat and prevent the appearance of odors.

In addition to the most basic comfort of wearing shoes, the most important thing is safety, which is embodied in whether the sole design is stable and non-slip. Using ergonomic principles, optimized for the forefoot, heel and stress distribution, through the precise notch design, it can bend flexibly and get a good exercise experience.

The sole is made of EVA high-density foam material. This material has good resilience and shock absorption effect, which can minimize the damage to the ankle, knee and ankle joint during exercise, and fully protect the stressed parts. Walk freely.

In the toe part of the sports shoes, the last is appropriately widened, which can give the toe a more suitable space for movement, it is not easy to squeeze the foot when exercising or walking, and it is more comfortable and free.


In the overall design, it is better to organically combine the traditional and current fashion elements. It is the trend of young people to refuse to be the same, to show their own personality, and to constantly pursue their own unique style.

In general, the design of this retro sneaker is very good, trendy, and it is also very good in terms of comfort and stability. In the hot summer, long-term exercise and travel will not feel special discomfort. , Is a product worth starting with.


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