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Double row deep groove ball bearings can also withstand axial load

wallpapers News 2021-02-24
The design of the double row deep groove ball bearing is basically the same as the single row deep groove ball bearing. Deep groove ball shafts plus the raceway between the roller and the steel ball. In addition to the radial load, the double row deep groove ball is also subject to an axial load acting in both directions.
Standard double row deep groove ball bearings are 4200A, 4300A. The A-type bear does not have a ball gap. Two enhanced nylon cages are inserted from both sides of the bearing. Double row deep groove spherical removal has a radial load outside of the radial bearing capacity of 1.62 times higher than the single-row deep groove ball bearing.
Double row deep groove ball bearing characteristics
Double row deep groove ball bearing is suitable for use in a load capacity of a single row deep groove ball bearing. For the same double row deep groove ball bearings as the outer diameter and inner diameter and deep groove ball bearings, the width is large, and the load capacity is also larger than the 62 and 63 series of single-row deep groove ball bearings.
The standard deep groove ball bearing is a normal set radial internal location.
Middle error
When there is a pair of errors between the inner and outer circles of the double row deep groove ball bearing, it will cause additional load. Thereby adding the load of the steel ball and the holder to shorten the work-life of the bearing. Therefore, the permissible angle error is only 2 arc. Any greater angular error can result in an increase in noise.
Hold stand
Two glass fibers reinforced nylon 66 holders are loaded with two deep groove balls. SKF suffix is TN9.
A deep groove ball with nylon retention can operate at a temperature of up to 120 ° C.
The characteristics of the holder are not affected by the lubricants used in generally rolling bearings, except for some synthetic oils or greases that are synthetic oils for base oil and lubricants containing a large number of extreme pressure additives during high temperature applications.
Minimum load
In order to make the bearings well. Double row deep groove ball bearing shafts are the same as all ball bearings and roller bearings must withstand a certain minimum load, especially at high speed or high acceleration, or at a fast change in the load direction. Under these conditions, the inertial force of the ball and the holder and the friction in the lubricant have adversely affected the rolling of the bearing, and the sliding movement of the axis may be caused between the ball and the roller.
Use precautions
In the case where the starting or grease viscosity is high in low temperature, a larger minimum load, the weight of the bearing, plus external force, usually more than the minimum load. If the minimum load fails, the bearing must be applied to an additional radial load.
The axial load carrying capacity
If the double row deep groove bearing is subject to pure axial load, it is generally not more than 0.5 C. Excessive axial loads may greatly reduce the work-life of the bearings.

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