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Detection of needle roller bearings during operation

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Bearing rolling sound
The sound meter is used to check the size and sound quality of the rolling sound of the needle roller bearing in operation. Even if the needle roller bearing is slightly scratched, abnormal and irregular sounds will be emitted. The sound meter can solve this problem well. If the lubrication and installation parts are proper, the needle roller bearing temperature will rise sharply, and the temperature will rise abnormally. At this time, the operation must be stopped and the necessary precautions must be taken. According to a large amount of test data, Table 4-1 lists the average value of the outer ring temperature of the needle roller bearings in various machinery for reference. As the temperature is affected by lubrication, speed, load, and environment, the values in the table only represent the approximate temperature range.
Bearing vibration
needle roller bearing vibration has a relatively obvious response to needle roller bearing damage. For example, these common problems such as indentation, rust, cracks, peeling, abrasion, etc. can be clearly felt during the test. Therefore, using a special needle roller bearing vibration measuring device (frequency Analyzers, etc.) can measure the magnitude of the vibration, and the specific conditions of the abnormality cannot be inferred through the frequency division. The measured values vary depending on the use conditions of the needle roller bearing or the installation position of the sensor, so it is necessary to perform certain operations on the measured values of each machine in advance to determine the final data.
Bearing temperature
The temperature of the needle roller bearing, some needle roller bearing temperature can be measured, it is more appropriate if the oil hole can be used to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the needle roller bearing. Generally, the temperature of the needle roller bearing slowly rises with the operation, and it is more stable after a few hours. The normal temperature of the needle roller bearing will vary depending on the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and rotation mode of the machine. The use of a thermal sensor can monitor the working temperature of the needle roller bearing at any time and can be prepared and reminded before an accident occurs.

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