Nickel Copper Rod is made of nickel and copper alloys, which have good conductivity and corrosion resistance. Nickel copper rods have higher strength and hardness while maintaining good conductivity than pure copper. In addition, Nickel Copper Rod has good corrosion resistance and can work stably in harsh environments.

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The application areas of Nickel Copper Rod

  1. Electronics industry: Nickel copper rods are widely used to manufacture various electronic components in the electronics industry, such as resistors, capacitors, etc. Its excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance ensures the stability and reliability of electronic components.
  2. In the field of new energy vehicles: With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, nickel-copper rods have been widely used in components such as battery connectors and charging interfaces. Its high strength and corrosion resistance guarantee the safety and stability of new energy vehicles.

Improving the conductivity and corrosion resistance of Nickel Copper Rod

  1. Optimize alloy composition: By adjusting the alloy composition of nickel and copper, nickel-copper rods’ conductivity and corrosion resistance can be further improved. For example, increasing the nickel content can improve strength and hardness, while reducing the copper content can improve conductivity.
  2. Surface treatment: The surface treatment of Nickel Copper rods, such as gold or silver plating, can further improve its conductivity and corrosion resistance. Surface treatment can also improve the appearance quality and increase the product’s added value.
  3. Heat treatment: The internal structure of Nickel Copper Rod can be changed through appropriate heat treatment processes, improving its conductivity and corrosion resistance. For example, high-temperature annealing can improve the strength and hardness of materials.
(nickel copper rod)

Reduce production costs and facilitate efficiency in the production of nickel-copper rods

  1. Optimize production process: By improving the production process, production costs can be reduced, and production efficiency can be improved. For example, adopting a continuous production process can reduce the number of equipment and personnel and improve production efficiency.
  2. Automation equipment: Automation equipment can reduce manual operations and improve production efficiency and quality. For example, robot welding and automatic cutting can reduce manual operation time and improve production efficiency.
  3. Raw material management: Optimizing raw materials’ procurement and management processes can reduce production costs and improve product quality. For example, adopting a centralized procurement model can reduce procurement costs while ensuring the quality stability of raw materials.
  4. Lean production management: Introducing the concept and methods of lean production management can optimize production processes and improve production efficiency. For example, adopting a just-in-time production model can reduce inventory and waste and improve production efficiency and quality.
(nickel copper rod)


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